The US Government Intelligence Lies to the Press and to the Public

Argument:The US Government Intelligence which is a branch that protects it own interest, and not that of the public. It lies to the press and to the public and is not held accountable.

CDC: People With Dirt on Clintons Have 843% Greater Risk of Suicide

July 27, 2019 - According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control released on Thursday, people with inside, compromising knowledge of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s financial and political dealings are 843% more likely to commit suicide.

“We’ve never seen a single risk factor cause a spike of this magnitude,” a CDC spokesperson told reporters. “Interestingly, in spite of their increased suicide risk, people with dirt on the Clintons rarely show any warning signs of suicide, and they never leave a suicide note.”

Remarking about how abnormal it is, the spokesman again stressed the significance of the data.“Therefore, we advise any American with detrimental information about Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, or the Clinton Foundation to forget about it as quickly as possible to avoid a greatly increased probability of taking your own life,” he cautioned.

“And—I swear—that’s all we know.”

Source: The Babylon Bee


Massacre In ChristChurch in NW was a False Flag

March 28, 2019 - Argument: Massacre In ChristChurch in NW was a False Flag
Argument Abstract: Upon investigation, the items listed below supports false flag:

A sequence of events worth noting:

  1. We’ve got a shooter, Brenton Tarrant, who has been presented by the media (narrative) to the world as a: right wing, white supremacist, radical terrorist. He is profiled as a normal guy that hated Muslims.
  2. The media maintains the killing was done by a single shooter incident when there is actually 2 mosque which were attacked. The second mosque 7 people lost their lives and news has it that there were two shooters
  3. Recently visited Pakistan and posted how great it was to be in Pakistan and loved the people and advised everybody to visit.
  4. Six months later he now hates Muslims, sees them invading his country then goes to shoot up a mosque
  5. The largest ever anti-terrorist drills is taking place in the town of Christchurch, NZ at the time of the shooting
  6. The shooter is wearing military only issued body armor – military only issued weapons
  7. John Podesta was visiting NZ just the day or two earlier and stated that NZ is a fat juicy cyber target.
  8. Military Drills - False flags and events like these happen during: 9-11, on 77, Madrid, the Boston Marathon, the Bridge in London
  9. The shooter is an Australian and Australians can not get firearms or permits in New Zealand unless they have lived there for quite sometime. So how did he get these weapons?
  10. The shooter was able to stream the entire event live on Facebook. Facebook has algorithms which are setup to detect content. Very often, for example, if you were to post something anti Israel, you can not even upload the video. But yet this shooter is able to stream a mass murder for 16 minutes. Note: that Facebook went down the day after. Could Facebook been changing the algorithms so that this video would be published?
  11. The shooter has Israeli parents. He may have also trained with the IDF.
  12. While visiting Turkey for 3 days, the German embassy announced terrorist attack. Then there was a bombing and the next day he left for Israel and stayed in Israel for 90 days.
  13. During his first day of a 42 day visit the German embassy announced a terrorist threat and lockdown over Islamic State attacks. There next day there was a bombing he left the next day
  14. Only two times has the German embassy in Turkey been shutdown and both times the gunman was visiting
  15. He also visited North Korea which is an enemy of Israel but still is able to visit Israel

Trump’s Steel-Slats Wall Would Cost $100 Billion. Lets Do the Math

Argument by: FrankDiPrima
Jan. 8, 2019

Trump's latest version, steel slats with spikes on the top, would cost far more.  Let’s start with the cost of the steel, which is the easiest to calculate based on some ballpark assumptions.  Then consider getting the steel from the founderies to the sites, the cost of acquisition of the land, the cost of construction and engineering and technology, and more.

The steel alone would cost $39 billion, not including the billions that it would cost to get the steel from the foundry to the construction site (in most cases in the wilderness, far from any road).  Here’s the calculation:

Based on the above illustration, let’s assume there is one slat every foot-and-a-half, with a six inch space between the slats.  That comes to 3,520 slats per mile.  The Southern Border is 2,000 miles long.  That comes to 7,040,000 slats.  Let’s further assume that each slat has a footprint of one square foot, and that each slat needs to be 25 feet high to pile into the ground and still leave a height of 18 feet.  That means each slat is 25 cubic feet of steel.  Steel weighs 489 pounds per cubic foot.  That means each slat would weigh 12,225 lbs.  for 7,040,000 slats, that’s a total weight of 86,064,000,000 lbs., or 43,032,000 net tons.  The latest price quoted price of steel in the United States is $767 per net ton.…   That comes to $33.0 billion dollars, just for the steel, but the steel is still sitting at the mill in the Upper Midwest.

An Example of the US Tactic of Controlling Nations

Argument by: Gerald Horne - 2018
Abstract - The US strategic plan in operating in Africa is to gift heads of states so that these nation state operate in the US best interest not those of Africans.

John Bolton recently said that African countries need to pick sides and that the US before condemning “predatory” Chinese and Russian investment in Africa and how it threatens US national security. RT’s Murad Gazdiev reports. Then history professor Gerald Horne joins Rick Sanchez to weigh

“Nazi’s” never existed

Nazi’s” never existed. There was never any such organisation as Nazi’s or a Nazi Party. The National Socialists (N.S.D.A.P. Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) never referred to themselves as “Nazi’s.”

It was, as it still is today, a political slogan used as a repressive weapon for the purposes of ‘stifling dissent’ – the very thing everyone wants to accuse “evil Nazis” of having done.

It’s time to debunk the “Nazi” epithet and to learn where it came from, who invented it and why. The fact is, that the term “Nazi” was created by the enemies of the National Socialists (the NSDAP). It was a pejorative term; an insult or a slur. The Germans, not even Hitler nor any other top party officials ever called themselves “Nazis”! They called themselves “National Socialists” and nothing else. Those who can read German and have studied any of the original documents and speeches know this already, but most don’t.

The term “Nazi” (along with “Nazism”) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden during the 1920’s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism. Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party.

The term “Nazi” is a variation of the nickname that was used in reference to members of Heidens’ SDP at the time, “Sozi” (short for Sozialisten). “Nazi” was a political pun, based upon the Austro-Bavarian slang word for “simpleton” or “country bumpkin” and derived from the fairly common name Ignatz. It would be like saying “nutsy.”

So, if for no other reason, one should easily understand why the term was regarded as derogatory by the National Socialists and why they would never use it to describe themselves. One should also see why it would be used and popularised by the Marxist-Bolshevik agitators and understand how it was seized upon by various other political opponents and subversive types, both within Germany and abroad, including the international media and political leaders of the western powers.

It should immediately become apparent that, if there is no such thing as a “Nazi,” except in the propaganda which was invented and spewed by this man, then it follows logically, that there is also no such thing as a “Neo-Nazi” either. Those who would describe themselves as such are as ignorant as those who say they hate “Nazis” – they are equally deceived.

Further, again, if there was no such thing as a “Nazi,” (or of the conspiratorial suggestion of the purported etymology of ‘Na-Zi’) then there was no political party merger between the National Socialists and the Zionists, as suggested by those who believe everything is a ‘Conspiracy’ – they have also been deceived by the “Alternate Media’s” intentional confusion… Co-intel created to keep us misdirected and divided, thus paralysed from direction and action. source

Your Only Chance for Trump’s Survival is to Expose: the Jewish Deep State in a Fire-side Chat with the Public!

Argument by: David Duke and Eric Striker
Presented: April. 19, 2018

(Sixty percent of the Harvard graduates are Jews )

more info:

Former senior CIA officer states: Israel not an ally its an enemy of USA

Argument by: Philip Giraldi
Presented: Updated: Feb. 24, 2018

Abstract: The GAO concluded that Israel conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the United States of any U.S. ally.

Alex Jones is a Zionist Shill

Argument by: David Duke
Presented: Updated: Dec. 9, 2017

David Duke Exposes Alex Jones as a Zionist Shill

Abstract: Alex Jones of Info Wars is a Zionist Shill. This video has woken up over 98% of Alex Jones fans who have watched it. It's so obvious who Alex Jones works for that he took it off Youtube! The comments were going 98% against Alex!

Comment: Alex Jones and David Duke share many of the same values and arguments. For example Alex Jones as does David Duke identifies the western media, Hollywood industries as the culprit of distorting information while debasing social family values. Secondly, they believe that the Federal Reserve and globalist as a dark force controlling land grabs and perpetual wars. However Alex Jones does not make any mention of Zionist nor believes that Israel is a racist state. So to this behavior, David Duke calls out that Alex Jones is a shill - a decoy for the Zionist agenda. Alex Jones comes to Israel's defense of its genocide of Palestinians, that it is Israel's right to protect themselves.

Note Alex Jones camera-man and video editor, Robert Jacobson turns the mic down on David Duke when Rob Jacobson speaks.

Alex Jones and staff supports Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Argument: Proof of Multiple Shooters in Las Vegas Shootings

Oct. 16, 2017

Google, Facebook and the media are suppressing there were more than one shooter. Bodycam from a LV police car reveals that gun fire was coming from the 4th floor.

  • Officer reports shooter on the 15th floor
  • "It is at least confirmed there are at least two shooters confirmed with automatic weapons. Shots fired from the 29 and 32nd levels"
  • Medics report shots fired at the Tropicana at 1:21:29 (1:07)


Myths of the Holocaust

Oct. 4, 2017 Working currently on:

The lies and the industry built upon the so called Holocaust

A investigation by International Revisionist Video Productions (Copyright 2004) Into the accepted historical account of the Holocaust of European Jews during World War II. According to undocumented claims and alleged eye witness accounts, the Nazi party of Germany supposedly persecuted, tortured and killed over 6 million Jews (mostly in gas chambers) between 1939 -1945

The Vatican is Corrupt and with Satanic Forces

Working now on July 28, 2017 / The Vatican is Corrupt and with Satanic Forces

Argument by:

Argument Abstract

  • Pope Francis says that the Catholic Church now officially approve of GMO food and will authorize their use in holy events going forward.
  • Pedophilia is rampant in the Vatican and now pardoned by retirement - ref: 1 /2 /3 /4
  • The pope advocates the New World Order model

Comey, Clinton and Lynch tied to HSBC Bank

May 19, 2017 / Argument by: Dave Hodges

Argument Abstract: Comey, Clinton and Lynch are criminally tied to HSBC Bank scandal. If any of the 3 were to either whistle blow or Comey were not to protect Clinton on recklessly and willfully ignoring not having top secrete email server on a private network, they would all go down.

The US is a Terrorist State

May 2, 2017

Argument Abstract: The US along with other countries take part in supporting terrorist and participating in acts of terrorism.

Al-Rimi, the leader of Al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen, told the terrorist group’s media arm al-Malahem on Sunday that his forces regularly fight alongside US- and Saudi-backed militia against the Yemeni army. ref:

Top 10 Staged (Fake) Media Events

March 24, 2017

Argument: Western media news outlets stage breaking - live events as though the reporters are on location when in fact they are staged in the studios with fake backgrounds (blue screen).

McCain and Graham, Warmongers looking for ways to start WWIII

Feb. 6, 2017 / Author: Ricky Twisdale

Argument: John McCain and Lindsey Graham are advocating that Ukraine start an offensive campaign against Russia. It Is Time to Lock Up both John McCain and Lindsey Graham for the sake of humanity.

Seems like President Trump was right when he singled these two Senators out as “warmongers looking for ways to start WW3.”

Inside Russia reports: In the past few days, renewed heavy fighting has broken out in Ukraine’s Donbass region between government troops (and allied militias, though they are supposed to be nationalized) and the separatists.

Unbelievably, Graham sought to directly instigate a new attack, speaking these words:

"Your fight is our fight, 2017 will be the year of offense. All of us will go back to Washington and we will push the case against Russia. Enough of a Russian aggression. It is time for them to pay a heavier price."

John McCain was no less provocative: 
"I believe you will win. I am convinced you will win and we will do everything we can to provide you with what you need to win."

Personal Gain Ahead of Loyalty to Your Country

Oct. 8, 2016 Argument by: Real News

Argument: Personal greed takes front seat to God and country in the US

If the Saudis, according to the US government, had a hand in 9/11, then why are they allies and recipients of billions of dollars of military goods from the UK and the US in contracts?


  • Ali Al-Ahmed says retired US military and politicians often are offered cozy jobs by the Saudis
  • Saudis will destroy and government which is democratic as this would challenge their ruling monarchy by using ISIS
  • Pakistan supports the Taliban in Afghanistan, who are killing American soldiers - yet they are US allies
  • The Saudi buys loyalty and funds US think tanks and academics
  • Qatar supports Al Nusra yet the US (John Kerry) turns its head the other way

Inside Fighting, CIA, Pentagon backed groups fighting each other in Syria

Date: Sept. 30, 2016

Argument: Nobody is in control’ CIA, Pentagon backed groups fighting each other in Syria.


US Breaks International Human Atrocities Laws

Date: Sept. 24, 2016 Argument: The US routinely breaks international laws (Above the Law) us-admit-using-white-phosphorus-munitions-in-iraq
  • Exhibit A US using white phosphorous as a weapon
  • Exhibit B US weapons sales to Saudi Arabia for the criminal war acts in Yemen

The Clinton Foundation: Illegal and Fraudulent (Charity Fraud)

Oct. 3, 2016

Argument by: Charles Ortel and Stefan Molyneux

Argument: The Clinton Foundation is an illegal not-for-profit corporation and operates illegally and outside of the Articles of Incorporation

On October 23, 1997, the Clintons have been operating a not for profit organization. A not for profit organization by law, has to specify, a true tax exempt purpose. The activities were specified in the creation of the non profit's "Articles of Incorporation" were to operate: 

  • A presidential archive and
  • Research facility
  • Operations were to be based in Little Rock Arkansas

The Articles of Incorporation is the defining document and is to be crystal clear at statue regulatory level and is even more clear when you look at case law. 


Charles Ortel is an investor and writer who graduated from Horace Mann School, Yale College and Harvard Business School. Mr. Ortel has been one of the leading voices in exposing the corruptions of the Clinton Foundation.

‘Television has destroyed the American mind completely.”

June 13, 2016

Dr Kevin Barret

Argument by: Dr. Barrett

‘Television has destroyed the American mind completely. There’s no longer enough critical thought left in the country to have a functional democracy.”

"United States is not a democracy. It is dumb down to the point that the American people are at about the intellectual levels of maggots, worms, at this point." source: PressTV

A Sorry List of Candidates for US President

Jan, 21, 2016 Argument by: Former Democratic senator Mike Gravel

None of the leading US presidential candidates will make great presidents because they all lack appropriate views to run the nation, says a former US Democratic senator.

“I don’t think any of them would make a great president because [of] their views,” former Democratic senator Mike Gravel told Press TV on Thursday. “Many of them are bigoted racists; many of them only talk in terms of the economic benefits to the wealthy.”

The US Government Is The Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History

Jan 16, 2016 Argument by: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Roberts Washington Represents the Most Concentrated form of Evil in Human HistoryUnique among the countries on earth, the US government insists that its laws and dictates take precedence over the sovereignty of nations. Washington asserts the power of US courts over foreign nationals and claims extra-territorial jurisdiction of US courts over foreign activities of which Washington or American interest groups disapprove. Perhaps the worst results of Washington’s disregard for the sovereignty of countries is the power Washington has exercised over foreign nationals solely on the basis of terrorism charges devoid of any evidence.

Untruth – “Help of Iran, Russia necessary to end Syrian crisis”

Dec 6, 2015

London said on Sunday that US President Barack Obama and the British Prime Minister David Cameron had agreed in a phone conversation that the political settlement of the Syrian crisis must involve Russia and Iran. ref:

Unfortunately this is untrue for the following reasons:

  • Just a few days ago US/NATO is supporting that Turkey returns back to bombing Syria. ref:
  • US cover up on Turkey stealing oil - US officials say they don't see how the terrorists' oil is smuggled to Turkey. ref:
  • Turkey's intrusion in Iraq - yet the US nor UN looks the other way ref:

Double Standards on US Sanctions on Russia

Snctions are mostly for the Western population to see, they are not as they appear. The sanctions policy reeks with double standards.

  1. Big Oil's Russian ties stronger than ever - ExxonMobil / French oil major Total SA / BP. Why are these corporations not heeding to the US. led sanctions? After all, Exxon, Total, BP, and Shell have all struggled to grow their oil and gas production over the past few years and are desperate for new sources of production. Locked out of other energy-rich countries because of fervent resource nationalism, Russia is one of the last few remaining options for these companies.
  2. According to the source, the US sees slapping Russia with sanctions as a way to promote its own trade agenda with Europe, a side rarely explored in mainstream media. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
  3. Greek export, tourist companies oppose economic sanctions against Russia
  4. Nine EU countries ready to block economic sanctions against Russia, quotes a diplomatic source to ITAR-TASS: "France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, and EU President Italy see no reason in the current environment for the introduction of sectorial trade and economic sanctions against Russia and at the summit, will block the measure.”
  5. Despite sanctions, Russia has received a $457.9M check from NASA
  6. HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) -- Volkswagen Group will stick with ambitious expansion plans in Russia even as European leaders consider sanctions over the country's seizure of Crimea
  7. Deere & Company spokesperson Ken Golden said that the US corporation is determined to continue cooperating with customers in Russia amid western sanctions imposed on Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine

Mutually productive commerce will be among the first causalities of the prelude to World War III. Soon clamors for sanctions against American companies will begin, as the blame game diverts the real cause of this fabricated debacle.

Anonymous Staff Posted Prior to the Release of Epstein’s Death

August 10, 2019 / Argument by: Anonymous (staff employee) at the New York prison / Argument Abstract: Jeffery Epstein did not commit suicide nor did he die, he was moved out of the hospital the day prior to his supposed suicide. The look a like: J. Epstein was switched a day

Jeffrey Epstein's look alike body

J. Epstein's look-alike carcass, however there are discrepancies. Click to see larger image

prior to his supposed death. Ten minutes before the story broke about his so called "Suicide," the following was posted: "Not saying anything after this pls do not try to dox me but last night after 0:415 count they took him medical in a wheelchair front cuffed but not 1 triage nurse said they spoken to him. Next thing we know a trip van shows up? We do not do releases on the weekend unless a judge orders it. Next thing we know he's put in a single man cell then hangs himself? Here is the thing, the trip van did NOT sign in and we did not record the plate number and a guy in a green dress military was in the back of the van according to the tower guy who let him through the gate. You guys, I am shaking right now but I think they switched him out." see ear and noise comparison from body in the gurney and that of Epstein

Jan. 14, 2019 / Argument: You cannot understand the situation in the Middle East without understanding the relationship between the US and Israel.

Trump Bravely Orders Withdrawal in Syria While Chickenhawk Warmonger Neocon Scream Bloody Murder

Dec. 20, 2018 ()

“Today, President Trump announced that we have won the war against ISIS in Syria. Our troops are coming home. Thank you, Mr. President. The Syrian Civil War is largely over, but Syria's a mess and desperately needs reconstruction. These sanctions will delay and possibly prevent reconstruction of Syria and the beginning of a healing time. Now is the time for diplomacy. There are many actors, including Russia, Iran, Turkey, the U.S., and others, but this is the time for diplomacy, not for new sanctions. So I object,” Sen. Dr. Rand Paul said on the Senate floor.

The Vatican, the Great Deceit

April. 14, 2018 (The Evil Jesuit Order)

Vatican Connection To The CIA - (Catholic Intelligence Agency)

Although the CIA began as a mostly Protestant organization, Roman Catholics quickly came to dominate the new covert-action wing in 1948. All were staunchly conservative, fiercely anti-communist and socially elite. Just a few of the many Catholic operatives included future CIA directors William Colby, William Casey, and John McCone. Another well-known personality from this period was William F. Buckley, Jr., editor of the National Review and gadfly host of TV’s Firing Line.

Buckley, it turns out, served as a CIA agent in Mexico City, and his experiences
there served as fodder for his Blackford Oakes spy novels. source:

Vatican Jesuits vs. Israeli Mossad

The pyramid of control and duplicity behind the scenes often leads to either the Mossad whose motto is “By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War” versus the military Society of Jesus (SJ) which is cloaked in the black robes of religion and the Roman Catholic Church.  On the surface it would appear the Mossad or intelligence apparatus of Israel would be the clear mover and shaker in the global control of governments and people.  What is the perception of the roles of these two groups in geopolitical world affairs and which group is in actual control?

Questions You May Ask Yourself, Do the Research

April. 14, 2018

  • Who funds the White Helmets that are in Syria?
  • Is the US above the UN world law?
  • Is the process of resolving a problem more important than the problem itself?

The Saudi Royal Family is Jewish

Dec. 11, 2017 Argument by Muhammad Salaam

Argument Abstract: The Royal Family that rules Saudi Arabia is from Turkey and claims to be Jewish. In fact -the Wahabi Religion is also of Jewish Origin - the Jews from the region of the Kazarian Empire. Their religion tells them to kill and steal all they can in the name of their god. reference:

Learn and Be Aware About Agents of Deceit

Sept. 12, 2017

Fake Alternative News Exposed! (Full Documentary) 

  • Alex Jones (InfoWars) is a subsidiary of Time Warner - which owns CNN, which is a mouth piece of the CIA
  • Six members in the Alex Jones family worked for the CIA
  • Gatekeepers

Presented by: TyrannyUnmasked

There is No Law Requiring You to Pay Federal Income Tax

July 5, 2017  - Argument by: Ron Paul
Argument: There is No Law Requiring You to Pay Federal Income Tax

Proof U.S. Orchestrated Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

April 9, 2017  - Argument by: WikiLeaks
Argument: Proof U.S. Orchestrated Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

According to Hillary Clinton emails, the U.S. State Department wanted to help rebels overthrow Assad in order to strengthen Israel’s position against Iran: 

Washington should start by expressing its willingness to work with regional allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to organize, train and arm Syrian rebel forces. The announcement of such a decision would, by itself, likely cause substantial defections from the Syrian military. Then, using territory in Turkey and possibly Jordan, U.S. diplomats and Pentagon officials can start strengthening the opposition.

reference material:

see more supporting evidence

Democrats Double Standards on Dealing with the Russians

Mar 30, 2017  - Argument by: Peter Schweizer
Argument: Podesta's corporation, Joule Unlimited, received millions from a Putin-connected Russian government fund while advisor to Hilary Clinton. He never discloses in 2013 his 75,000 share of stock he owns when joining the Obama administration. His company's ties with the Russian government while actively serving as the advisor for the Secretary of State is a clear violation.

Wikileaks Fully Exposed (IsraeliLeaks)

Mar 24, 2017
Argument: Wikileaks is the Product of Israel

Israel feeds leaks and disinformation against those who has done them wrong including the Democrats.

Obama Creates Propaganda Ministry Which Undermines the US Constitution – Now Trump Owns it

Feb. 6, 20017

Argument: Anything that is perceived by the US government as propaganda, efforts aimed at undermining the United States, from sources foreign or local, can be dealt with by disinformation created to help neutralize what may be the truth and track the source of this information.


Just before the Christmas holiday, former President Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act which provides funding for the military. Buried inside the NDAA was another bill that officially establishes an anti-propaganda center in order for the State Department to recognize, understand and expose counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining the United States. This was a stealth move to hide this unconstitutional law to deal with so called, anti propaganda which targets: journalist, news sites, whistle blowers and sources of leaked news. Now add this to this  new law -

[uds-billboard name="debate-cartoons"]

Michael Moore is a Sack of Sh-t – on Hilary Clinton

Nov 4,  2016 - Argument byPaul Joseph Watson

Argument: A fat, duplicitous, elitist who couldn't give a rat's asx about ordinary Americans. 



Clintons are a ‘crime family’: Former FBI official

Oct 30, 2016 - Argument by: James Kallstrom, the FBI’s former assistant director

Former US president Bill Clinton and her wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, are part of a “crime family,” says a former top FBI official, in the wake of the bureau’s reopening of the former first lady’s email case.

James Kallstrom, the FBI’s former assistant director, told a radio show on Sunday that the Clintons were involved in organized crime and that their family foundation was a “cesspool.”

“The Clintons, that’s a crime family, basically. It’s like organized crime. I mean the Clinton Foundation is a cesspool,” said Kallstrom, who once headed the FBI's office in New York City. more on this:


Elections have been rigged in the US since 1820s

Oct 19, 2016 - Argument by: Stephen Lendman, an American writer, journalist and political commentator

Argument: The United States has been rigging elections for nearly 200 years in order to keep anti-establishment candidates away from the White House.


Paul Craig Roberts on US rigged elections (below)

More on the topic:




Charlotte Police Were WRONG To Shoot And Kill Keith Scott

Sept. 24/2016 - Argument by: Charles Walton
Argument: Keith Scott cause no threat to the Charlotte police. If he had a gun, which the video does not show, he did not pose a threat.


The Meaning of Brexit (Britain’s Exit from the Euro) by Jeff Sachs

June 27, 2016

Jefferey Sachs

"The Brexit vote was a triple protest:

  • Against surging immigration,
  • City of London bankers, and
  • European Union institutions,

(in that order . . .)"


Protest by: Wil Henderson: Protesting the wording of item 1. The item listed by Jeff Sachs, "Against surging immigration" should be correctly stated that most of the so called immigrants are an influx of refugees generated from an alliance which includes: NATO members, Britain and European nations headed by the United States which support the overthrow of the sovereign and democratically elected government of: Libya, Yemen and Syria. The financial hardship to its people of this alliance, has put into place hard austerity measures which helped propel the Brexit.

The term "immigrants" is purposely used by Western media to obscure that immigrants or migrants are people who want to advance for financial or cultural reasons. Whereas refugees are those who have to flee to avoid: death, harm or suffering due to war or military actions. ref: ref2:

Trump threat to satanic Zionist conspiracy, similar to JFK: Analyst

March 21, 2016 / Argument by:  Steven D. Kelley

US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is “endangered” by Israel for his perceived neutrality in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, similar to former president John F. Kennedy (JFK), an American political analyst says.

“Because he is a threat to the satanic Zionist conspiracy, he is also endangered as was JFK,” said Steven D. Kelley, a former CIA and NSA contractor. more detail

The Dirty War On Syria

Feb 23, 2016

AuthorBy Dr. Tim Anderson

Dd Tim Anderson

Argument: Although every war makes ample use of lies and deception, the dirty war on Syria has relied on a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory.

Read full article

Top Expert: Zika Virus is Bio-warfare

Feb 1, 2016 - Argument presented by: Dr. Francis Bolye

Top Expert Zika Virus is Bio-warfare

Bernie Sanders: A Con Zionist Jew?

Posted on September 1, 2015 | 1 Comment

Bernie Sanders Pope Francis

On August 25, Margaret Kimberley at the Black Agenda Report said: “Bernie Sanders and his supporters claim he is different, a breath of fresh air. Yet he “won’t state for the record how his foreign policy differs” from Hillary Clinton and Republicans. “He doesn’t question why the US has the right to dictate policy to other nations, and “repeat the same discredited mantra” as Obama on the nuclear threat from Iran – a threat that even CIA has declared never existed. Socialism? He won’t even say the word.”

Barnie Sanders, like the rest of the presidential hopeful, is against removing influence of big money from politics.

When it comes to the Muslim world, Sanders is no different than Ben Carsons, who believes that every patriotic American must support Israel.

Sanders supports Saudi Arabia’s proxy wars for Israel in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Gaza to protect the US-Israel’s regional interests.

Sanders is a lobbyist for the US military establishment, which brings much-needed jobs to his Vermont constituency. He also joined the 100 to 0 vote in the Senate giving a blind moral support to the Zionist regime during its 2014 carpet-bombing of Gaza, killing over 2,000 civilians including 567 children. Watch below how Sanders holds-on to his dirty Zionist pants.

Bernie Sanders was born into a Polish Jewish family that arrived in United States in 1921. That means he cannot wear the ‘Holocaust Survivor’ badge around his neck, but nothing have stopped him laying that many members of his family died at Auschwitz. As youths, both Bernie and his older brother Larry spent some time on a kibbutz built on land stolen from Palestinian families. Larry met his first wife at the kibbutz. Jewish Tablet magazine said on August 20 that Adolf Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt had the greatest influence over both brothers.

The United States should admit that the Israeli regime possess nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons

The BBC Film That Exposed Israel's Secret Illegal Nuclear Weapons

The United States should admit that the Israeli regime possess nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons rather than sticking to a “phony camouflage” over the regime’s nukes, says a professor emeritus of the University of Minnesota.

He further voiced surprise at why Washington should be providing “additional military support” to the already heavily-militarized regime.

Government Manufactured Crime

Inventing Terrorist

Inventing terrorist

Report reveals: FBI Practiced Pre-Emptive Prosecution on Innocent People

Joe Biden and Son Ukrainian Involvement

Aug. 30, 2019 - Statement of argument: Joe Biden and Son were heavily involved in the coup in Ukraine and in business deals with strong conflicts of interest.

Presidential Candidate J. Biden is a Self Proclaimed Zionist

Joe Biden says he is a proud Zionist

hate racism satanism Jewish Talmud Illuminati Kabbalah Exposed

An explanation of the Talmud and treatment of non-Jewish persons



The REAL Truth About Religion And Its Origins - A Must Watch!


Bible = Astrotheological  Literary Hybrid

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Killing Hope by: William Blum

U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II

William Blum serves up a forensic overview of U.S. foreign policy spanning sixty years. For those who want the details on our most famous actions (Chile, Cuba, Vietnam, to name a few), and for those who want to learn about our lesser-known efforts (France, China, Bolivia, Brazil, for example) visit site

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Is NASA hiding information about life on Mars? If not, why not provide enhanced imagery for public view? The following videos shows images which are possibly key to life on Mars or prior colonization?

The US Utilizes Terrorist to Topple Governments

Sept. 30, 2016 - 

Argument: In this video Hilary Clinton admits that the US government created and funded Al-Qaeda (now ISSI) in order to fight the soviet union, and she even considers that as a good thing. But she claims that the Americans are fighting Al-Qaeda nowadays. If you really fighting Al-Qaeda, then who are the scums and terrorists you used in order to topple the government of Qaddafi in Libya.


Question: If Al-Qaeda was created and funded by the U.S., and AL-Qaeda worked the 9-11 bombings, why has the U.S. government use the terrorist organization to topple Libya and is currently funding and arming this same group to overthrow the Syrian government? more examples

Sterling verdict shows government hypocritically targets whistleblowers – Norman Solomon

Aug. 12, 2016

Sterling verdict shows government hypocritically targets whistleblowers – Norman Solomon

Argument: Obama has jailed more whistleblowers than all US presidents combined. This trial had virtually no media coverage. ref: National Press Club, Washington (video)

America Nuked on 9/11

Sept. 10/2016 - Argument by: James Fetzer


Compliments of the: CIA, Mossad, Neocons in the Department of Defense. Studies now point to the health impact as many as 70,000 people with illnesses similar to ionizing radiation exposure. Mini micro nukes were used to assure total disintegration of the towers. Altogether, some 70 types of cancer have been linked to Ground Zero, the report added.

Fetzer cited studies conducted on the Ground Zero's dust by the US Geological Survey as evidence that the towers collapsed because of a controlled explosion of nuclear material.

Murder, drug trafficking and money laundering of the Clintons

Posted: June 27, 2016

Murder of the Clinton 2016 Conspiracy

The Greater Israel Project’ Argument by Ken O’Keefe

The Greater Israel Project' Explained by Ken O'Keefe

Presented: June 16, 2016

Argument: It's time to arrest all the traitors in the White House and Congress and END THE FED!

New Authorization of the War Act Is a Declaration of International Martial Law

Argument by: Senator Christopher Murphy - Feb 28, 2016

'New Authorisation Is a Declaration of International Martial Law

The change has been introduced under the pretext of the Obama administration's inability to effectively curtail the Daesh (Islamic State/ISIL) threat.

Read more:

CIA Analyst states: Anybody Who Votes For Hillary Is An Idiot!

Argument by: Former CIA officer Robert David Steele

Anybody Who Votes For Hillary Is An Idiot

Published on Jan 27, 2016

Former CIA officer Robert David Steele talks about the dark side of Hillary Clinton and why nobody wants to work with her again.

US Illegal Policy – US Leahy Law: US/Israel

Posted on: November 10,2015
Argument by: Ben Howler

The U.S. government is illegally supporting a state which US Leahy Law specifically addresses. The Leahy Law or Leahy amendment is a U.S. human rights law that prohibits the U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense from providing military assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights with impunity.[1] It is named after its principal sponsor, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

God Was Born and Lived in Detroit | The Lies of Louis Farrakhan

Submission date: Sept 22, 2015
Argument by: Abu Salman Eberle   

Abstract: Anyone who believes that a man called Fard Muhammad is Allah (God), and that Elijah Muhammad is a prophet, invalidates BOTH parts of the testimony of faith in Islam

Louis Farrakhan

Two great American liars: the late Elijah Muhammad and his successor Louis Farrakhan. Elijah Muhammad’s beliefs are known and documented. The details are in his books “Message to the Blackman,”, “The Fall Of America,” his speeches and other writings. His declared beliefs include, among others, that: the “Hereafter” is in the here and now, not in a life after death and resurrection; there is no real Paradise and Hellfire; all black men are angels, and all white men are devils. read more

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me."

The only US standards are double standards on democracy


"When it comes to military interventions, US officials such as Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power assert a “responsibility to protect” transcending national sovereignty if civilians are threatened in Libya or in Syria, but not when the civilians are being slaughtered in Gaza, Odessa, Mariupol or Donetsk. When those killings are being done by US allies, the allies are praised for their “restraint.”

Israel demolishing more Palestinian homes in Negev Desert

March 07, 2014

Israel demolish palestinian homes

Can someone argue this strategy while trying to forge a peace agreement with Palestine?

NSA Spying Motives

Snowden said that the NSA’s spy programs are not motivated by the fight against terrorism, but rather “economic espionage, social control and diplomatic manipulation.”

“When all of us band together against injustices and in defense of privacy and basic human rights, we can defend ourselves from even the most powerful systems,” said Snowden. ref:

Western Media Falsifies News

Reuters lied:

MH17 witness says reporter falsified testimony. “When interviewed by Reuters, Fedotov, the witness who described the 'wiggling' rocket, at first said on camera that it was fired from territory held by the Ukrainian army. Later, off camera, he said it was launched from a nearby rebel area. Asked why he had originally said the opposite, he said it was because he was afraid of the rebels," the news agency said.

“When we talked about the Boeing on camera, I explained everything as it was. The things that I allegedly said off-camera were just made up by the journalist. It's all lies. Off-camera, we never discussed the Boeing,” Fedotov told RT. RT’s request to Reuters for comments on the controversy and raw footage of Fedotov’s interview was not replied to as of publication of this article.

Rupert Murdoch Lied:


  • Reuters published false report on MH17 says eyewitness

  • MH17 Verdict: Real Evidence Points to US-Kiev Cover-up of Failed False Flag

Why No Mention nor Commemoration of the 100 Year Anniversary of Federal Reserve System?

FRB logo

Dec. 23, 1913, will mark the one hundred anniversary of the Federal Reserve banking system however there is no media coverage nor mention of it on the news, why? Will someone help me understand why such an important institution does not get any attention in its 100 year anniversary? Is this an oversight?

Answer: How the Federal Reserve system works (see video below)

FR Explained - the debt machine

See:  Exhibits on the Federal Reserve System (videos)

Israel is the Real Terrorist State

July 13, 2015 By Dr. David Duke

Israel is the Real Terrorist State (video)

The United States is on alert and has deployed military assets to defend the Atlantic coastline from New York to Charleston from attack by a cruise type missile or low flying aircraft. details

The US has been a “destructive and disruptive force in the world”

Linh Dinh

The US has been a “destructive and disruptive force in the world” and will become “even more violent as it collapses.” visit argument

All semblances of democratic institution and constitutionalism ended in the United States. America became a de facto dictatorship without firing a shot. That will come later.

April 12, 2014

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court of the United States, by far the most violent and extremist of the three governmental sectors, executive, legislative and “judicial,” officially ended all financial oversight of American elections. read argument

Disarm Israel because its nuclear weapons are in the hands of a very unstable leadership

The US should be looking now to disarm Israel because its nuclear weapons are in the hands of a very unstable leadership - see argument

Uncle Sam Needs You


. . .  to help populate our prisons. Prisons population is big money and the prison industry like CCA is lobbying for better ways to raise the inmate head count. The U.S. is 5% of the world's population but has an astonishing 25% of the world's prison populated incarcerated.

Single-Payer National Health Insurance is superior and most cost effective than what we have now


What's wrong with the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)?

From leaked drafts and investigations, we know that:

  • All meetings are in secret, even from Congress
  • Corporations are assisting in making these treaties
  • Monsanto is creating policy
  • Creating giant labor farms where very low wages are locked in to an individual
  • GMO can be distributed without regard to state nor Federal rights
  • Kick people off the internet for copyright infringement (read more)
  • Decrease access to medicine (read more)
  • Undermine national sovereignty by allowing corporations to sue governments (read more)
  • Circumvent worker and environmental protections (read more)
  • Increase economic inequality (read more)

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

  • It is now legal to manufacture lies by the government to the public
  • Brings Indefinite Detention to the U.S. Itself

read more