A Study of the Federal Reserve

A Presentation of the Federal Reserve by Each Party

No Mention nor Commemoration of the 100 Year Anniversary of Federal Reserve System? Why not?

Before you can intelligently argue or debate, each party must have knowledge of the topic. Here is presented material of opposing views which describes the Federal Reserve Bank, how they operate and who controls this system.

Statement: The Federal Reserve is a private corporation which is not a bank, has no reserves and is not federal. It was controlled by a system within our constitution which specifically states that a sovereign country prints and controls its own currency. 

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who owns the federal reserve

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Who Owns the Federal Reserve (part 2)

who owns the federal reservePart 2

Jamie Dimon JP Mmorgan
Jamie Dimon
jeffery Kindler
Jeffery Kindler
james tish
james tish




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Who Owns the Federal Reserve (part 3)

who owns the federal reservePart 3

Exhibit B

Who Owns the Federal Reserve

who owns the federal reserve exhibit B ron paul


To gain a greater in-depth study of the Federal Reserve, visit the a study of the background of this so called, institution. click here to proceed

Opposition - The Federal Reserve is not controlled by central banks rather it is a hybrid system (partnership) of private banks and the U.S. government with checks and balances.

Exhibit B

Opposition - FR not controlled by banks

Presentation by G. Edward Griffin


G Edward Griffin explanation