America became a de facto dictatorship without firing a shot

April 12, 2014

Presenter: Gordon Duff

Statement of Argument:

All semblances of democratic institution and constitutionalism ended in the United States.  America became a de facto dictatorship without firing a shot.

The “watershed event” in the upcoming final world conflict, likely to depopulate Earth, was never reported outside the United States. Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court of the United States, by far the most violent and extremist of the three governmental sectors, executive, legislative and “judicial,” officially ended all financial oversight of American elections.

All semblances of democratic institution and constitutionalism ended in the United States.  America became a de facto dictatorship without firing a shot. That will come later.

It was called the “McCutchen v. FEC decision. It guarantees control of both houses of Congress by an “aggregate” run by gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, the oil speculator Koch brothers and the Bronfman family, who made their billions supplying liquor to bootleggers during the depression. All are rabid Zionists.

Behind them are the “usual suspects,” world financial crime, drug and human traffickers, oil and commodity speculators and others who profit on misery.

When added to the longtime rigging of America’s voting machines by the CIA, control of the corporate media, militarized police in every community in America and longstanding voter suppression campaigns, the results are clear. Few understand the far reaching consequences of this act.

Zionist extremists bent on a full-scale world war between the US, China and Russia will control two thirds of America’s government by January 2015. They will then gain control of both political parties and nominate two “pro-war” candidates for the next presidential election, perhaps Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. This will not be an election, it will be an apocalypse.


America’s congress had already legalized bribery. Money given to campaigns, no matter who or what the donor, could be transferred to tax free personal income. America’s military had been subverted long ago, its officer corps infected through contact with satanic cults. Nuclear bases were seized, weapons stolen and only reports of such trivialities as a planeload of nuclear weapons being “misplaced” of America’s entire nuclear command being court-martialed for “gambling” or “sexual misconduct.” Many are actually so stupid they believe these things.

All oversight of the CIA ended as that agency became “self-funding” through its management of the Afghan drug trade and its partnerships with the Mexican drug cartels. It has been able to set up training bases around the world in partnership with MI6 and their French and Israeli counterparts.

There al-Qaeda, Chechen jihadists and more than two dozen other factions have been trained, organized and unleashed worldwide.

The US Department of State has set up its own private army of military contractors.  We are seeing them deployed across the Eastern Ukraine as we speak. Their other operations, Turkey, Jordan, Republic of Georgia, and Azerbaijan just to name a few coordinate “events” we read about. Domestically, all courts and judicial functions had long been usurped by the Federalist Society, a neocon front that uses America’s massive prison system to control dissent and Israeli trained paramilitary police to terrorize.

In response, American citizens have, over the past few years, bought over 100 million assault weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition. Many Americans borrow to buy night vision devices, body armor and secure communications equipment. At one time only political extremists and members of militia groups did this.  Now it is everyone, everyone that is awake at least.

Mechanism of control

In 2000, five members of the Supreme Court stopped the recounting of votes during a presidential election and appointed George W. Bush as president. He had lost the election, not just by a wide popular vote nationwide but in Florida as well despite massive voter intimidation and electronic vote rigging.

And 2000 was a census year. On these years, once a decade, the party in power can move to “adjust” congressional districts. This was done on a scale never before seen.  There would never be a real election in the United States again, even without the massive influx of laundered cash from gambling and drugs unleashed by the Supreme Court. The most recent court decision allows targeting of key political figures, in some cases allowing up to a thousand dollars a vote of otherwise illegal cash to be spent to buy elections.

You see, it isn’t necessary to get rid of every political leader in the United States, only the honest ones. For those who don’t believe such things exist, one should note that America did not go to war in Syria or with Iran, even when demanded by Israel. Jonathan Pollard is still in prison, a “litmus test” as to who really controls America.  As long as Pollard remains imprisoned, organized crime has not yet taken over.

Apparent to even the most dim-witted Americans every few months a mass killing is staged, each during a “terrorism drill,” each less believable than the last, each a “lone gunman” with the same history of contract with military psychiatrists and/or intelligence agencies. On more than one occasion, the victims or their families are revealed as “crisis actors,” hired to portray victims of mass shootings.  However, those who stage such impromptu “street theatre” aren’t disinclined toward randomly killing innocent people as well.


The Affordable Healthcare Act is a law that forces employers to provide insurance to their workers. It also forces corrupt insurance companies, many of which went bankrupt in the Bush financial crash of 2007/8 and are running on Federal “bail out” money to end corrupt practices.

Many insurance companies typically refuse to pay any claims as a matter of course.  They also offer deceptive policies that don’t cover “pre-existing conditions” or any serious illness. Insurance companies acting in concert with hospitals have long “rationed” healthcare, denying expensive medications, needed transplants and other lifesaving procedures to patients based on family income.

These longstanding “death panels” typically determine that elderly or “working poor” are a poor financial risk for advanced medical care. Even then, being allowed to die, care is and has been “unaffordable.”

The result, with a controlled congress tightening bankruptcy laws, has been hundreds of thousands of American families losing their homes due to legal action over unpaid hospital bills.

An insured American is typically charged between USD 20,000-30,000 for a hospital visit for a broken arm or leg. Any serious illness or accident costs a family its home, automobile and ends any hope for higher education for their children.

“Obamacare” has become a major issue during the campaign with constant commercials featured through the corporate media telling of horror stories brought on by this new law. A recent series of articles by the Los Angeles Times and a humorous Colbert Report cite the billionaire Koch Brothers for hiring public relations firms to attack the new law.

According to the Times, none of the hundreds of stories depicting suffering and loss caused by the new law are true. Investigations have revealed that dozens who have come forward as “Obamacare victims” on television or in mass emails are paid actors and their “situations” have been, as Stephen Colbert describes them as “Phony Obamacare Horror Stories.”

However, these phony “horror stories,” according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, may well, in themselves, rig the next election and open the door to war.

Pre-staging war

Last week, NATO Commander General Breedlove “Tweeted” a link to satellite photos that showed Russian troops massing for an invasion of the Ukraine.

Those photos were later shown to have been eight months old depicting a joint military exercise between the Russian and Ukrainian armies held in August 2013. That same week, American military leaders told congress that new Chinese weapons had rendered America’s carrier fleet and combat aircraft ineffective, a “precursor” to war.

Their answer was to deploy more troops to Europe and bolster America’s nuclear strategic forces which they say are also inadequate.

This, of course, is from a country that spends 60% of its gross national product on defense and, in fact, accounts for 53% of the weapons budget for the entire planet. Americans are now told that none of their weapons can keep them safe, not from the Russian and Chinese hordes.

Stories of these hordes infect the “semi-corporate” alternative or “semi-independent” press on a daily basis as part of a coordinate and carefully orchestrated “run up” to rigged elections and, eventually, a staged incident intended to justify a war that will certainly be the last world war.

There to lead the troops into battle, from their private island retreats or the underground bunker at their Patagonia ranch, those who have nominated themselves the planets last survivors will watch.

About the Presenter


Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest. More Press TV articles by Gordon Duff