Debate Submission Form

Fillout the Debate Submission Form

Initial Party

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Responding Party

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This form is for those who want to start or respond to arguments presented. Similar to a court or trial hearing, you must present documentation and any exhibits to assist in validating your argument. Before a debate can be scheduled, there must be the submission of:

  • Clear and coherent narrative (description of the argument) Keep the abstracts short and to the point.
  • Documents / testimonies
  • Exhibits / case studies (optional)
  • Reference links
  • Acceptance from the opposing Party

Minimum Requirements:

  • The argument (opening statement) be clear and coherent
  • No supporting documentation is required

Responding Party

If you are responding to an argument to setup a debate, you are the responding party. As stated above, you must have an opening statement. Please fill out the Response Form with the same argument title as stated by the initial party. Look up argument titles - here -

Opening Statement

An opening statement is a presentation and by design functions as a narrative. Although your opponent my use elements of your opening statement against you, its primary purpose is to provide an easy to follow abstract of the overall principals which govern your argument.

Each party will have the opportunity to present an opening statement. This presentation may be a: video, audio only or the written word. Opening statements are limited in for following:

  • video = 2 minutes
  • audio = 2 minutes
  • written word = 500 words or less

The links must be accessible without leaving the page. Opening statement will be rated by the public.