Las Vegas – False Flag

Robert David Steele: Las Vegas Massacre False Flag Case Study

"This was a perfectly legitimate unclassified FEMA drill with paid crisis actors, all over the city, including within the crowd, in front of the music stand."

Points of interest:

  • FEMA drill was in action that day
  • Forensic analysis confirms 2 different locations of a shooter 
  • Two hundred and ninety seven million dollars were traded. MGM had months prior set a plan to raise the value of their stocks by purchasing their stocks back, however weeks before the shooting CEO, had sold 80 percent of his stocks
  • The FBI is intimidating witnesses by telling them if they do not agree with the FBI's narrative, there was only one shooter, then they are subject to go to jail

Robert David Steele is an American conspiracy theorist and former Central Intelligence Agency officer. He is known for his promotion of a theory which claims that NASA runs a secret child slave colony on Mars and also of open-source intelligence. He was a candidate for the Reform Party's nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 presidential election until February 23, 2012