NATO, the pack of criminals

Argument by: Tomas Tengely-Evans

Abstract: Wherever there is the threat of war there are always people banging the drum—and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is among the worst.

Made up of 28 member countries, NATO tries to claim it is a defensive alliance dedicated to upholding peace and freedom. This is a lie. In reality it is a tool for Western imperialism. NATO is the main vehicle of imperialist strategy for the US and its allies.

Getting warmongers together for a summit has a very big price tag. 

The cost of the 2012 NATO summit in Chicago cost approximately £9 million. Almost all of that was for the police department. 

Cops wracked up millions of dollars in overtime, training and related costs. The security for this year’s summit in Wales is set to cost more than that for the Olympics.

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Exhibit A:

Stopping Nato and the spread of war
"Right at the beginning the first president of NATO made it absolutely clear what NATO was about. He said the purpose of NATO is this, to keep the Americans in, the Russians out and the Europeans down."

Exhibit B:

Iron Mountain Report

In 1961, the Kennedy administration ordered a "Top Secret" study to determine what problems the United States would face if the world moved from an era of war to a golden age of peace. In other words, how to bring America into the New World Order.

In the same year that this "Top Secret" study was called, 1961, The Department of State put out a publication (#7277) called "Freedom From War, The United States Program for a General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World." This publication describes a three step program to disarm the American military, shut down bases and have one military under the United Nations. This "military" would be the world wide police force to be used as "peace keepers" throughout the world. The plan would include that "all weapons of mass destruction" be eliminated with the exception of "those required for a United Nations Peace Force." In order to "keep the peace, all states will reaffirm their obligations under the UN Charter to refrain from the threat of use of any type armed force." To support the UN Charter, the average citizen will need to be disarmed; so they cannot defend themselves against these "peace keepers." You don't have to watch much news to see that today, the UN forces are used as "peace keepers" throughout the world, disarming people so they can't defend themselves against oppressive governments. To quote Sarah Brady, Chair of Handguncontrol, Inc. "Our Task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed."

In 1963, the same year as the selection of specialists for this "Top Secret" study, President John F. Kennedy made an astounding statement. On November 13, while speaking at Columbus University, Pres. Kennedy stated, "The high office of the President of the United States of America has been used to foment a plot to destroy America's freedom, and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of their plight! Ten days later, President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed.

There are very interesting terms used and repeated throughout the report (Iron Mountain). Some of these include "general condition of peace," "functions of war," "change social structure", "problems of peace," "transition of world peace", replacing the "function of war," "saving the species" (man), "disarmament transition," "social control," "selective population control", "gross population control" and "loss of national sovereignty."

Another major "function of war" is that it produces waste. This waste is a means to control surpluses. It also produces jobs and industrial advancement. War, basically, stimulates the economy. Paragraph eight states, "It is, and has been the essential economic stabilizer of modern societies."

An effective substitute for war, would require "alternate enemies." (paragraph seven) They go on to say that a "gross pollution of the environment" could eventually replace the mass destruction by nuclear weapons, as a "threat to the survival of the species," (meaning humans). In paragraph eight, they go on to say that "...Poisoning of the air, and the principles sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced."

One "function of war" in the political sense, is that war is "virtually synonymous with nationhood." War has been essential for nations to exist independently. So, with "peace," nations lose their national sovereignty.


NATO War Crimes: Yugoslavia, Libya

NATO attempting to exclude use of nuclear weapons from list of war crimes

Kate Dewes and Rob Green - 05/12/97

On 8 December at a UN meeting to establish an International Criminal Court, NATO will attempt to exclude use of nuclear weapons but not chemical and biological weapons, from the new court's list of war crimes. New Zealand, with Switzerland and the Red Cross, has proposed alternative wording which covers all weapons of mass destruction without specifying them.

NATO is pressing New Zealand to drop this too.

Contempt for international law
In so doing, NATO is showing contempt for the 1996 Advisory Opinion by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in which New Zealand argued that nuclear weapons are illegal. It is also drawing attention to an extraordinary anomaly: chemical and biological weapons are banned by specific treaties, but nuclear weapons are not - yet nuclear weapons are in many respects far worse.

The ICJ concluded that the threat, let alone use, of nuclear weapons would generally breach international humanitarian law. The ICJ President Judge Bedjaoui warned: "I cannot insist strongly enough that the inability of the Court to go further...cannot in any way be interpreted (his emphasis) as itself evidence of a half-open door for the recognition of the legal permissibility of using nuclear weapons."

NATO's own definition
In a powerful personal opinion, the current ICJ Vice-President, Judge Weeramantry, revealed that NATO itself defines a nuclear weapon as any weapon "designed to contain or utilise nuclear fuel or radioactive isotopes and which, by explosion or other uncontrolled nuclear transformation... is capable of mass destrucion, mass injury or mass poisoning"

Rule of law won by a determined stand against colossal forces
He also commented: "The forces ranged against the view of illegality are truly colossal. However, ... (it) has been by a determined stand against forces that seemed colossal or irresistible that the rule of law has been won. "

NATO must acknowledge that use of nuclear weapons would be a war crime.
Ex-British Navy Commander Robert Green, the Peace Foundation's International Representative, comments: "NATO must not get away with its outrageous pretence that use of nuclear weapons would not be a war crime. A recent report from the US National Academy of Sciences stated: '...(n)uclear weapons are in a class by themselves... Weight for weight, chemical weapons are far less effective than nuclear weapons in causing fatalities and lack their immense physical destructiveness...' Only nuclear weapons can destroy civilisation."

Cdr Green adds: "In 1958, Dr Albert Schweitzer called for those struggling for the abolition of nuclear weapons to use the 'most elementary and obvious argument... No government can deny that these weapons violate international law... and international law cannot be swept aside!'
Next week, NATO will try to do just that.

New Zealand must stand firm on prohibition of nuclear weapons.
"It is vital that New Zealand stands firm with the rest of the world against NATO."

Governments must not flout the will of their people.
Recent US and UK opinion polls both showed 87% in favour of their governments negotiating an enforceable global treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons.

Their governments are about to flout international law and the will of the people, and encourage any prospective users of nuclear weapons, like the Serb war criminal, Karrozic, by granting them immunity from prosecution in the new War Crimes Court. ref


War crimes charges for the Hague tribunal against NATO leaders

THEREFORE we respectfully request that the Prosecutor immediately investigate and indict for serious crimes against international humanitarian law:


William J. Clinton, Madeleine Albright, William S. Cohen (United States of America), Tony Blair, Robin Cook, George Robertson (United Kingdom), Jean Chrétien, Lloyd Axworthy, Arthur Eggleton (Canada), Jean-Luc Dehaene, E. Derycke, J.-P. Poncelet (Belgium), Vaclav Havel, J. Kavan, V. Vetchy (Czech Republic), Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, N.H. Petersen, H. Haekkerup (Denmark), Jacques Chirac, Lionel Jospin, H. Védrine, Alain Richard (France), Gerhard Schröder, J. Fischer, R. Scharping (Germany), Kostas Simitis, G. Papandreou, A. Tsohatzopoulos (Greece), Viktor Orban, J. Martonyi, J. Szabo (Hungary), David Oddsson, H. Asgrimsson, G. Palsson (Iceland), Massimo D'Alema, L. Dini, C. Scognamiglio (Italy), Jean-Claude Juncker, J. Poos, Alex Bodry (Luxembourg), Willem Kok, J. van Aartsen, F.H.G. de Grave (Netherlands), Kjell Magne Bondevik, K. Vollebæk, D.J. Fjærvoll (Norway), Jerzy Buzek, B. Geremek, J. Onyszkiewicz (Poland), Antonio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, J.J. Matos da Gama, V. Simão (Portugal), Jose Maria Aznar, A. Matutes, E. Serra Rexach (Spain), Bulent Ecevit, I. Cem and H. S. Turk (Turkey);

AND THE FOLLOWING OFFICIALS AND MILITARY LEADERS OF NATO: Javier Solana, Jamie Shea, Wesley K. Clark, Harold W. German, Konrad Freytag, D.J.G. Wilby, Fabrizio Maltinti, Giuseppe Marani and Daniel P. Leaf;

AND WHOEVER ELSE shall be determined by the Prosecutor's investigations to have committed crimes in the NATO attack on Yugoslavia commencing March 24, 1999.

Respectfully submitted, this 6th day of May, 1999

Michael Mandel (Professor) for W. Neil Brooks, Judith A. Fudge, H. J. Glasbeek, Reuben A. Hasson (Professors)

Sil Salvaterra, David Jacobs, Brian Shell, Christopher Black, John Philpot (Barristers and Solicitors)

Peter Rosenthal (Professor, Barrister and Solicitor)

Roberto Bergalli (Professor)

Alejandro Teitelbaum, Alvaro Ramirez Gonzalez, Vanessa Ramos, Beinusz Szmukler (American Association of Jurists)

The Yugoslav government has extensively documented war crimes carried out in the former Yugoslav republics and other crimes against humanity carried out in Kosovo since the arrival of the KFOR forces. This can be seen at FEDERAL REBULIC OF YUGOSLAVIA: COMMITTEE FOR COMPILING DATA ON CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND INTERNATIONAL LAW