New and Supported Version of Democracy (Coups) by the US/NATO

The New and Supported Version of Democracy (Coups) by the US/NATO

The New Face of Democracy, NATO/US Style

March 25, 2014

the new face of democracy

Head of a Ukrainian interim National TV station was rather gently persuaded to place his signature to resign. The problem is that he was accused of not being pro Ukraine enough. How did the video get recorded? According to RT, the video was shot and uploaded by MP Aleksandr Aronec, member of the nationalist Svoboda party, on his own Ustream channel. Also according to RT, Aronec has removed RT's YouTube video saying it violates copyright.

Egypt/Ukraine: US/NATO is in the Business of Destroying Democracies and Installing Oligarchs

The result of US/NATO Intervention (meddling)

March 26, 2014

pressTv-egypt executions

  • US supports the overthrow of a democratically elected government created by the US trained Egyptian army
  • US/NATO created the violent coup upon the democratically elected president of Ukraine and and has recognized it as legitimate
  • US/NATO turns a blind eye over the atrocities/iron hand of the Egyptian army
  • Egypt's state prosecutor has ordered trial for 919 Muslim Brotherhood members on several charges as part of its crackdown on the party’s supporters
  • Over 500 protesters are scheduled for execution

According to a Wednesday order, the suspected people will stand in the dock on terrorism and murder charges in the province of Minya.

The order came only a day after the same court started the trial of nearly 700 Brotherhood supporters and members on charges of murder, inciting violence and sabotage.

On Tuesday, defense lawyers boycotted the proceedings in protest at the mass death penalties the court handed down to over 500 supporters of the ousted president, Mohamed Morsi. source: