The U.S. is controlled by Israel

Argument: The U.S. is controlled by Israel

Many if not most key positions in the U.S. government is held by Israeli citizens or pro Israelis. ref:

The prominent US-Israeli officials in the list include:

Attorney General Michael Mukasey
Attorney General Mukasey

National Security Advisor, Elliot Abrams

Elliott Abrams

US Trade Representative (cabinet-level position), Robert Zoellick

Robert Zoellick

White House Speechwriter, David Frum

David Frum

Head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff

Michael Chernoff

White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Joshua Bolten

Bolten Joshua

Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board, Eliot Cohen


Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Samuel Bodman

Samuel Bodman

Deputy Defense Secretary, Paul Wolfowitz

Paul Wolfowitz

Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Marc Grossman

marc grossman

Former UN Ambassador, John Bolton

John Bolton

Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board, Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger

Undersecretary of Defense, Douglas Feith


Director of Policy Planning at the State Department, Richard Haass

Richard haass

White House Political Director, Ken Mehlman

ken mehlman

Benjamin Freedman's 1961 - Warns America About The JewsPublished on July 15, 2013

Every war America has fought in was for the New World Order if you haven't heard of that its a global dominance to control the world which will take place in our very near future. Most people have always thought America fights for our freedoms?? Well think again look what's happening to America and has been since the early 1900s to my knowledge could be before that. So its not just Obama its the other presidents before him to but Obama has hurt our country the worse our debt is almost 17 trillion. 


But anyway these wars that America have fought were against INNOCENT PEACEFUL countries til America destroys them to take control over the central banks. WWII, Vietnam, Gulf War, Middle East wars, etc. ALL for the evil Jewish bankers, politicians, Israel, and the elite. Jews control EVERYTHING on earth. Hitler wanted Germany to not be part of it which made Germany an enemy to the Jewish international banksters.

Its common sense why is America always in a war almost every decade?