The US has been a destructive and disruptive force in the world

Presenter: Linh Dinh

Statement of Argument: The US has been a destructive and disruptive force in the world

Abstract: America brings ruination to each country it interferes with. Just look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Ukraine. Just look at the continuing war in Syria. While posing as a force of good and democracy, the US brings nothing but destruction and death. My fear is that America will become even more violent as it collapses.

The US has instigated this entire crisis in Ukraine, but it is blaming everything on Russia each step of the way.”

After it staged a violent and illegal coup against the Kiev government, it accused Russia of fomenting unrest in the Eastern and Southern parts of the country. Ukraine is being used by the US to disrupt the economic integration of Russia and Europe. The US is trying to prevent both Russia and China from becoming vital economic partners of Europe, because this would leave no room for the United States.


About the Presenter:

Linh Dinh went to the US in 1975, and is living in Philadelphia.[2] In 2005, he was a David Wong fellow at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, England.[3][4] He spent 2002—2003 in Italy as a guest of the International Parliament of Writers and the town of Certaldo.[5][6] He was visiting faculty at University of Pennsylvania.[7]