The US Utilizes Terrorist to Topple Governments

‘Massive evidence foreign-funded White Helmets support terrorist entities in Syria’ through NGOs

October 7, 2016 Argument by: Vanessa Beeley, independent researcher and journalist

Argument: Syrian shadow state by predominantly the UK, the US and supported by EU governments (NGO), says Vanessa Beeley, is covertly eradicating Syrian state institutions. These so called NGOs are supporting the militants and assisting in their crimes against humanity, the Syrian people and the state, all under the cover of helping humanity and aid workers. 


  • James Le Mesurier (The trainer of the White Helmets) = connections with Blackwater
  • Labib Al Nahhas was allowed IN ? December 2015, the leader of Ahrar Al-Sham - It is no stranger to US territory that leaders of terrorist groups or suspect groups are allowed into the US
  • There is massive video and photographic testimonial evidence from inside Syria to give evidence that they are running a terrorist support group
  • They've been filmed participating and facilitating an execution of a civilian in Aleppo
  • They post celebratory videos to their social media pages of the execution of civilian Arab soldiers
  • From the testimony from the real Syria Civil Defense across Syria they have also been involved in the taking over of the real Syria Civil Defense units, the stealing of their equipment and the eventual massacres and kidnapping of real Syria Civil Defense crews
  • They are in fact multimillion funded, conservatively speaking, 100 million dollars from the US, 23 million via USAID; from the UK around now 65 million - it was originally 19.7 million pounds and Boris Johnson announced a further 32 million. France is supplying equipment
  • They are embedded entirely in terrorist-held areas whether it is predominantly Al-Nusra front or ISIS or any of the various associated brigades of terrorists that take their command very much from Al-Nusra Front, that is where White Helmets are exclusively
  • Raed Saleh and Mark Toner (were deported and are prominent anti- (Syrain) government protesters or demonstrators). Raed was allowed back to New York and into the UN and met with Secretary of State John Kerry


Putin signs bill allowing removal of NGOs from ‘foreign agents’ list

Mar 10, 2015
Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a bill that allows the Ministry of Justice to remove non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from the list of foreign agents after a formal inspection.
The new bill, which was signed by Putin on Monday, was submitted by the president earlier in February, and adopted by the Russian State Duma on February 27. The law will come into force within nine days. source: